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Serving the Central Ohio Area
Pickerington: 614-755-6370
Serving the Central Ohio Area
Pickerington: 614-755-6370
Upper Arlington: 614-583-1133

Self-Pay Patients

We understand medical costs can really add up when you don't have insurance, which is why we work with our self-pay patients to keep costs low. Below is some important information for our self-pay patients.
  • Payment is due at time of service. We accept all major credit cards, cash, and money orders for payments.
  • The average self-pay office visit costs $80-$150. If a patient needs x-rays, breathing treatments, vaccinations, etc., the visit could be more expensive, but we try to work with you.
  • We offer in hours labs to keep your cost at a minimum. If any samples need to be sent out to an outside lab, we will review the necessary tests and their costs with you.
  • If any prescription you receive is too expensive, call us, and we will try to find an alternative. Many times we can work with the pharmacist to reduce your pharmacy costs.
Self-Pay Patients | Access Urgent Medical Care