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Serving the Central Ohio Area
Pickerington: 614-755-6370
Serving the Central Ohio Area
Pickerington: 614-755-6370
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Why Visit Urgent Care for a Sinus Infection

Sinus infections often come with changing weather in the fall, winter and spring. They are annoying and painful but can be treated simply by a doctor-prescribed medicine. If you feel yourself coming down with a sinus infection, seek medical assistance quickly.

Types of sinusitis

There are two types of sinusitis: acute and chronic. If you have chronic sinusitis, it might be best to visit your primary care physician and ask for a referral to a specialist. However, acute sinusitis can be treated in an urgent care facility. If you have sudden, severe pain in your head and face, swelling underneath your eyes, trouble breathing and a fever, come visit Access Urgent Medical Care.

Save Money

Visits to an emergency room can be costly. With higher co-pays to higher physician charges on top of hospital fees, the cost grows at every turn. Urgent care centers can cost between one-fourth to one-tenth less than an ER. Sinusitis is a common ailment

Immediate Health Care

A sinus infection can be very annoying. Receive prompt pain relief by visiting an urgent care doctor. Not only will you be seen quicker, you will receive more individual attention than you would at an ER.
Don’t wait to receive health care, come to Access Urgent Medical Care in Pinckerington or Upper Arlington, Ohio. We can treat your sinus infection or other medical maladies. If you have a serious medical emergency, we advise you to go to an emergency room.